A can of worms

Zymurgy’s First Law of Evolving System Dynamics states: “Once you open a can of worms, the only way to re-can them is to use a larger can.” And brewing twin blogs is proving to be a can of worms. (Zymurgy, by the way, is the scientific study of fermentation.)

flax in the city (03 Mar 10)

Flax in the city (03 Mar 10)

My mind has been in a creative ferment over recent days – having a lot to interest me always generates extra work – taking photos, writing for the web, advising on design.

Keen as I am to post to both blogs on a daily basis, I’m still working to develop a routine that will make it happen.

Meanwhile, there are incomplete drafts for several posts, and a host of suitable images … but nothing’s quite ready.

Until this moment.



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