You are where you’re going

I thought you are where you come from, but it’s not true. You are where you’re going. (David George, in ‘Eyebabies’)

The power the future has – to encourage or to inhibit – is something we seem routinely to underestimate, or even ignore altogether. We’re especially quick to blame the past when our dreams don’t come true.

But once you’re clutching a handful of travel tickets, you begin to experience that trip of a lifetime – even before you get on the plane. 

Of course, getting your hands on the tickets is crucial. 


George, David. 2008. Eyebabies. Elsternwick, Victoria : Ilura Press


4 thoughts on “You are where you’re going

  1. Id rather you are the sum of your experiences, the existential school of thought. Although aspirations are an excellent indication of ambition and character, dreams fade away, while your actions resonate.

  2. You seem to have understood at least part of what is there between the lines of my post. “You should always be aware that your head creates your world.” (Ken Keyes, Jr – ‘Handbook to Higher Consciousness’)

  3. You speak of future as tho with it is with certainty. The future is a variable and so are the results. You may aspire to go on the trip, you may think you have to tickets, but what if you never get them?

    The promise of a promising future will impact the individual, but the future again is not concrete and riddled with variables. How can something that never took place define an individual?

    If I apply for a job and I’m told to come in for my first day next week, yes it will have an impact. But what if I’m called the day before and told it didn’t work out? What am I now? Or what if I do end up with the job, I began with expectations of the job, but it doesn’t define me or who I am. Regardless of the joy and dismay I felt or was imbued with.

    Ambitions or aspirations define nothing without certainty. The idea of the future will have an impact on every individual but does it have any value? Does it create value for the individual.

    I see your statement on how the future has “to encourage-or inhibit”, a statement of fact. I fully agree. The impact is multi-faceted.

    “Of course, getting your hands on the tickets is crucial.” So if he was not able to get his hands on the tickets does the effort display value?

    You make such a vague statement; The future can empower an individual, but only what he achieves will define him, that I could see us on the page as the future you speak of seems to be concrete. In which case if it is for CERTAIN that the event will take place then yes it will define an individual as IT IS. Which again comes back to existentialism. That an individual is the sum of his achievements.

    You’re intentions may be to stop world hunger, but will you get there? Will you experience the sensation before any stone has been set?

    I agree the future can imbue certain things in individual
    I disagree we are where we’re going, I argue we are the sum of what was.

  4. You seem to be writing with grim conviction – determined to be right, come what may. On this blog, you are unlikely to find me putting forward any standpoint with such vehemence.

    I have nothing to win or lose here; I am doing nothing more than strolling along a beach, from time to time picking up objects and saying: “Hey! look at this.”

    You might give consideration to posting what you have written to me as a second offering on your own blog.

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