Obsessed with writing

… I am obsessed with writing. I love the rattle my keyboard makes when I’m in full swing, the early mornings when I have the computer to myself, the squinty eyed look my husband gives when he catches me. (A.M. Kuska)

No new post on |A Twisted Pair| yesterday. It wasn’t for the lack of something to say; rather, the day’s various tasks and projects competed for my attention and the post didn’t get finished.

That draft remains incomplete (for the time being, at least) – because a fellow blogger (A.M. Kuska) commented on An irrational belief (15/04/2010), triggering this post by way of response.

The physical processes of writing – yes, I love the keyboard-and-screen experience too, but a good pen and a wad of paper have aesthetic appeal that’s hard to beat.

I live alone, but enjoy writing in public spaces, often sitting in the public library near a window with a harbour view … or at a café, with an espresso and a notebook. I am comfortable with my eccentricities, having early learned to accept myself as incorrigibly ‘different’.

There are numerous reasons/rationales for blogging; for me, the medium affords what Roland Barthes referred to as “occasions for writing”. (Barthes might have liked blogging – except that, since he laboured so long over his hand-written drafts, crossing out and rewriting again and again, he might not have enjoyed the clatter of a keyboard.)

Like Barthes, I value “art for art’s sake”, but like to share what I do with those who find it to their taste.


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