Alone in the woods

Waldeinsamkeit (German): the feeling of being alone in the woods

Identified (on a number of sites) as one of “13 words not found in the English language”, Waldeinsamkeit is one of those notions that resonates with me somewhere deep down.

Having been “alone in the woods” – or, as we say in New Zealand, “alone in the bush” – in a variety of circumstances, during the day and at night, I can say that – while some of those experiences were pleasant, enjoyable, even idyllic – others were quite terrifying.

And is it possible that the term might be used in a metaphorical sense?  

 Heinrich Heine wrote a poem titled Waldeinsamkeit, for which I believe Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms composed settings. Max Reger’s song of the same name is apparently not a setting of Heine’s poem but what might be called a volkslieder or traditional folksong.

My thanks to the Small Sight blog, through which I got started on this little ramble through the woods.


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