Cursing the internet?

I was just cursing the internet wasting time i don’t really have to waste … (Tom Goodenough)

Mr Goodenough’s opening gambit might be true enough; but I’d be surprised if that’s what he actually intended to say.

I’m picking that Tom was actually cruising the internet …

When we write a blog post directly onto the screen (like I’m doing now), we’re bound to slip up from time to time: typographical errors of one sort of another, grammatical goofs … even stuff we could have left out.

Not everyone’s as fussy as I am – Grammar Police is one of my nicknames – but it really is a good thing to proofread what we write … or have a friend check up on us from time to time.

BTW: Tom Goodenough’s blog is interesting – even if he spells interesting at least three different ways.


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