Scratched in the glass

The sense of claustrophobia was instantaneous and sickening, but she steeled herself and walked across the narrow expanse of of floor to the window, leaned over the writing table, and pushed back the gauzy curtain …

… to reveal the thick circle scratched in the glass, filled in with black ink: a circle just exactly like the circle of the Zener card – the exact same size and thickness. 

But what does it mean? (Alexandra Sokoloff, in The Unseen)

My interest in this novel – aside from the narrative itself – includes observing the way the author builds her narrative structure from scene to scene. In particular, I’ve watched how she uses visual devices in a cinematic way.

The circle in the window glass is the same size and shape as on the Zener card. (And we were told about the window quite early on.) But we still don’t know what it means.  

Sokoloff, Alexandra. 2009. The unseen. New York: St Martin’s Press [p293]


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