Never any real explanation

Reports of actual poltergeist investigations are maddening to read because there is never any real explanation. There is no restless, departed ghost who brings crucial information to a loved one or demands retribution. There may be fraud, there may not be. Inexplicable things happen and remain frustratingly inexplicable … and thus all the more seductive. (Alexandra Sokoloff, in her Afterword to The Unseen)

You didn’t imagine I was going to tell you how the book ends, did you?

Alexandra Sokoloff – who makes no bones about being a thriller writer – says she knows a good story when she sees one.

Ideally, to keep me reading, an author must convince me to suspend disbelief and agree to the fictive universe in which the story is set. I may read a novel for a variety of other reasons, but they probably have nothing to do with the author’s power to hold my attention.

It’s a pretty good read. But don’t expect too many answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself.


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