Simple down-to-earth everyday reality

It is simple down-to-earth everyday reality that more than anything else makes us aware of  the goodness and truth of life. The very briefness of a haiku gives it the highest potential in all poetry of non-interference with the spring of our being through unalive ideation. (HF Noyes)

Yesterday, on Word Pond, Donna Fleischer marked the passing, earlier this year, of American poet and editor HF (Tom) Noyes. Donna’s post ends with two haiku by Noyes …

children playing at tennis        the net gets in the way

moonlit snowflakes
floating into the cage
of the silver fox

The quote comes from an essay entitled “Haiku and Reality” by HF Noyes, published in Presence (#28, January 2006, p12), the British haiku journal edited by the eminent poet, Martin Lucas.


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