Taking exception

There’s an exception to every rule, they say.

But no! that cannot be, I say … because this very rule permits no exception.

So … does this tell us something about the nature of rules in particular and language in general?

Digging back into the Book of Genesis, we find a marvellous story in which the Creator declares the heavens and the earth into being. Then, in chapter 2, we find Adam naming the animals. Two instances of reality arising in language.

You might like to follow me down a rabbit-hole … Through the Looking Glass, of course.

On the other hand, should you have a taste for the Midrash to Genesis 2:19, or an interest in the Kabbalah, take a look at Ask the Rabbi.

I suspect this could be the start of something that doesn’t know where to stop.


2 thoughts on “Taking exception

  1. Midrashes (midrashim?) are wonderful! The original tradition of creative interpretation! Thanks for the link.

    I wonder what point words lose their power to manifest reality in Genesis. Do they have it when Eve misquotes Adam? When the serpent uses them to seduce Eve? Do only God and Adam have the right kind of linguistic?

    • The Internet Sacred Text Archive http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/hl/hl92.htm has an interesting section about the Midrashim.

      If we compare and contrast the “Two instances of reality arising in language,” we find Adam naming (and thereby claiming power over) animals that have already been created (literally, spoken into existence) by the Creator.

      This comment is already beginning to shown signs of getting out of hand … look out for my post, later today.

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