Constant blast of life

Underneath the sound of my beating heart is the whole big constant blast of life, and I’m so happy because I have become what I truly am, what I was always meant to be. (Anna Dusk, in In-human)

Cover art for Anna Dusk's "In-human"

Cover art for Anna Dusk's "In-human"


The note on the back cover of Anna Dusk’s debut novel calls In-human “a snarling, glittering creation, a funny, yet disturbing story of transformation set in Oatlands, Tasmania. The irrepressible Sally Hunter is turning into a werewolf …”

Over the years, I have indulged an occasional taste for vampires and werewolves, so “the way [Sally] embraces her change into a powerful beast” might indeed challenge me — as the note suggests — “to confront [my] own lusts and capacit[y] for violence.” Let’s see what happens once I get beyond page 43.

Dusk, Anna. 2010. In-human. Yarraville, Australia 3013: Transit Lounge

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