White paint

In The Logic of Sensation (a meditation on Francis Bacon), Gilles Deleuze offers the image of “a painter confronted with the whole tradition of painting right there on the blank space which is no longer blank” (Tim Cresswell, in Blank Space 4: Page and Canvas).

white paint (22 Apr 2011)

white paint (22 Apr 2011)

This is the same, Cresswell suggests, “for a poet who has to face the page/screen with the knowledge of all the poems that have gone before (leaving aside those who try and write poems without having read that much of course)” (ibid).

How did I get onto this topic? I was looking for something that would deal with (or at least touch on) the interconnections between image and text — something to go with the quasi-calligraphic squiggles in this image I captured on Good Friday.

Although there is no actual text here, it seems there is some evidence of the preparation to write; it is certainly more than a haphazard spill.

PS: Tim Cresswell’s blog, Varve,  is worth a visit.


4 thoughts on “White paint

  1. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that I like this image very very much.

    But the words, so many of them! Remember Amadeus, and the King: Too many notes, Mr. Mozart!

    That’s what happens when one gets so old (or perhaps so tired or so lazy):
    Too many words.
    These are the words that rest with me now: silence meditation Zen nothing

  2. You will appreciate, I’m sure, that Mr Mozart did not remove any of those notes 😉

    Having said that, I can assure you that the image is for you, while the notes are for those who enjoy such things.

  3. Although there is no actual text here, it seems there is some evidence of the preparation to write; it is certainly more than a haphazard spill.

    What is poetry but evidence of preparation to write… I like that idea. Thanks,

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