Life, the universe and everything

Birthdays are, for me, always a good opportunity to celebrate “life, the universe and everything” — and I’ve recently been marking quite a significant birthday. Yesterday, a friend and I enjoyed lunch at Chow (in Wellington’s Woodward Street) — one of those smart establishments with a “fusion” menu.

untitled (08 June 2011)

untitled (08 June 2011)

The décor, too, is a fusion of elements from various eras: broadloom carpet, extravagantly patterned in red and gold, from the 1970s; screens of red-painted concrete blocks featuring classic Chinese geometry; minimalist furniture laid with very white china …

I especially enjoyed the wall next to our table, and (having gorged myself on a delectable “jungle curry” and salty-sauced greens) captured several interesting images. This is among my favourites.

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