Tired of lugging library books up the hill to home, I’ve begun digging into the heap of books beside my bed — books bought or borrowed but never read.

idioglossia cover

Idioglossia by Eleanor Bailey is but one of the five titles I’ve put bookmarks in over the past few days.

idioglossia n. 1. a secret language between a few people, a private language; 2. a lallation; the babble of babies or the murmur of lunatics.

Wikipedia has an article about the topic — brief, but with some interesting links.

“… as she works through the consequences of madness in four generations of women, [Eleanor] Bailey manages to combine a sharp satiric edge with an epic, sometimes comic reach. Her wit and uncanny characterizations bring all the secret languages of Idioglossia to luminous life. And her writing is simply breathtaking.” (Good Reads)

Not all the reviews are favourable, and Bailey’s style is clearly not to everyone’s taste. I’ll keep you posted.

PS: For information about the Autonomous languages of twins, see the article on the US National Library of Medicine.

There’s also some worthwhile material under the heading Twin Talk (Idioglossia) — Do twins have a secret language? on (if you can tolerate the flashing advertisement alongside it).


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