Reading and writing – a (sort of) foreword

… what affords reading affords reading by citations (necessarily truncated clippings, repetitions, suctions, sections, suspensions, selections, stitchings, scarrings, grafts, pastiches, organs without their own proper body covered with cuts, traversed by lice). (Derrida, in glas)

Over the past several days, I’ve been attempting to compose something cogent on the topic of “Speaking and writing” — without much success. Each time I took out a fresh sheet of (recycled) paper, I quickly found it filling up with fragmentary sentences choked with multiple word/vocab choices, crossings out, arrows, brackets, balloons …

Today is different: I’ve acknowledged that the topic is a tangled web. So I’m starting here, with this diffident foreword to what might (or might not) turn out to be some sort of series.


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