Throwing out the trash

When you are going to throw out the trash, you need not spend time analyzing its contents. (Bhagavan Sri Ramana)

I’ve been washing my trash for so many years now that it seems a perfectly natural, rational thing to do — I don’t much care for the way old yoghurt packs and chicken wrappers smell.

I also shred papers that include confidential information — I have no interest in being eaten alive by the unscrupulous, the greedy, or the malicious.

But I’ve given up analysing all the trash that used to clog my mind for so many years.

In an article on the topic of Self-Inquiry, Dr Harsh K Luthar regards self-knowledge as a radical departure from the physical sciences — in which analysis is essential — because it has a different aim.

“Here attention is directed inwards towards the subject and not outwards towards objects of perception,” Dr Luthar writes. “The classic methodology given by Sri Ramana for Self-Inquiry is to ask oneself with attention and inquire, ‘Who am I?’ This is done in order to introvert the mind and drive it deeper into its source. In Self-Inquiry, the quality of consciousness itself becomes the center of attention. In this method, consciousness is not focused anywhere or on anything other than itself.”

In another article on the website, Dr Luthar states: “For one who is fascinated by self-inquiry and focusing on the core of one’s being and existence, the need to endlessly brood over the mind and its activities evaporates. The mind is what it is. (Dr Harsh K Luthar)


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