Straightaway misled

The soul in the body is straightaway misled by pleasure and sorrow, grief and delight. (from The Pymander — [Pœmandres] see note below)

For entertainment, here and there — and for a little light relief, from time to time — I’ve been reading a library book: Farundell, the debut novel of L R Fredericks, published in 2010 by John Murray, London.

Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat, comments that “Farundell is a marvellously dark and intricate literary gothic novel. The style is elegant and engaging and the storyline compelling.” 

To me, Farundell was like eating an indulgent quantity of rich dark chocolate.

Oh! by the way, The Pymander is a book that features in Farundell.

Pœmandres — refer to Wikipedia article titled Hermetica.


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