Compelled to create

Now, just because you are compelled to create does not mean you are creating anything of particular interest to anyone else. I am of the opinion that if creating art fulfills you then the act of creation itself, its rush, its internal convolutions, its compelling emotional peaks and valleys, its ability to keep you engaged and distracted from self destruction, is reward enough. (JMorrison — Jaime not Jim)

A number of years ago, JMorrison created a now-defunct blog he called The Nonist, which he described as “A weblog, a continuously blank sheet of off-white paper begging to be marked, a soapbox, a travelogue, an as of yet unsealed time-capsule, a journal, a scrap-book, a chaotic jumble of html, css, and php which miraculously manage to coalesce into some intelligible form.

The section quoted is from a post titled “The Emperor of Presumption“.


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