This too will pass

found collage (21 Nov 11)

found collage (21 Nov 11)




A while ago, I photographed and posted the material on this wall. Nothing of what is in this present image was there then.

Although a single photograph can seem to freeze time – making a moment timeless – any two photographs of the same wall tend to undermine our trust in the lies the camera tells us.


3 thoughts on “This too will pass

  1. Hi, I just like the photograph … and your writing is food for thought. As is the question if the temporal aspects of photography are not over-estimated as compared to the spacial aspects (but I only wonder) — the latter can be very deceptive too. Ah, well, just musing … I still like the picture, and your idea about time tout court.

  2. Bill-posting, tagging, and other forms of graffiti are (unsurprisingly) contingent – and that’s true even without the intervention of riled-up property-owners, who order even the most artful, artistic and fascinating collages to be painted over (and the results are invariably uglier than what they intended to efface).

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