Zen trash

Zen trash (10 Oct 2011)

Zen trash (10 Oct 2011)


Tomorrow it will be a fortnight since moving day. Most of the cardboard boxes have been sliced open and their contents assigned at least temporary positions in the jigsaw puzzle of my new home.

And what is to become of the large quantities of cardboard and newspaper, the bubble-wrap and the Styrofoam that ensured the safe transit of all my treasures?

Most of the boxes are already knocked down: friends, foreseeing their own future moving day, will store them in their attic. Little by little, the newspaper is going out for recycling. The bubble-wrap, too, has a destination and a purpose.

Perhaps if I put the sheets of Styrofoam out next to the green bins, someone else will pick them up and take them away – which is, of course, how I acquired them.

The image dates back to October last year, when I noticed one particular stack of trash put out for recycling by a Wellington retailer.


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