Culinary fusions

A few nights ago, in the mood for a simple salad to accompany my chicken tortellini – to be served with a tomato and mushroom sauce – I added some Italian white wine vinegar and a double portion of Spanish olive oil to my almost empty bottle of pomegranate molasses (from Lebanon). The dressing that resulted was delicious on my bowl of red and green baby cos leaves. And it all went very well with a glass of Mâcon Lugny Chardonnay 2007 (from Burgundy, France).

making pomegranate juice at a stall in Turkey

making pomegranate juice at a stall in Turkey

Drinking pomegranate juice has been a regular part of my breakfast routine over the past year or so, but I’ve been stirring a little pomegranate molasses into my daily dish of yoghurt, fruit and custard for only about three months.

The woman behind the counter at Nahodkah – the suburban store where I buy my pomegranate juice (which comes from Azerbaijan) – recently praised pomegranate sauce (also from Azerbaijan), telling me in heavily-accented English how good it is as a dressing on a salad, and adding dolefully that  it was out of stock just now.

I’m looking forward to trying some pomegranate sauce, but in the meantime, I need a new bottle of pomegranate molasses … so I’ll need to take a trip to the OnTrays Food Emporium, run by Steven and Valda Scheckter (who come from South Africa).


2 thoughts on “Culinary fusions

  1. You can make it, by boiling down pomegranate juice.
    I tried to do this once (not being able to buy the molasses around here) and the process worked only too well. Not knowing the proper consistency of the molasses, I kept boiling until I had a solid mass — lava hard, and sticking firmly in the pot until I poured boiling water in and dissolved it.

    I still have not tasted pomegranate molasses.

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