Jardin sous la pluie

cotoneaster berries (28 Apr 2012)

cotoneaster berries (28 Apr 2012)

A break in yesterday’s autumn showers saw me hurrying up the path to my friend’s house through a rain-rinsed garden – although my camera urged me to stop a couple of times along the way.

The red berries and brilliant leaves belong to a variety of cotoneaster … but which one?

“Depending on the species definition used, there are between 70 [and] 300 different species of cotoneaster, with many apomictic microspecies treated as species by some authors, but only as varieties by others.” (Wikipedia)

raindrops on broad leaves (28 Apr 2012)

raindrops on broad leaves (28 Apr 2012)

The lovely leaves are those of the New Zealand rock lily (Renga renga) – although I’m not sure whether this is Arthropodium cirrhatum or Arthropodium bifurcatum ‘Matapouri Bay’.

The title of this post is borrowed from Claude Debussy’s Jardins sous la pluie (Gardens in the rain), the third movement of Estampes – played here by Walter Gieseking.


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