Home and garden

Yesterday I stepped out into winter cold with a runny nose and pockets stuffed with white tissues.

With snips in hand, and stopping to sneeze or snort from time to time, I took up where I’d left off the day before – dis-articulating some of the unwanted stuff growing in my courtyard. Old woody fuchsias, and a shrub-in-a-tub whose variegated leaves were shrivelled and wind-burned, and whose roots had grown down through the gravel and into the soil beneath, anchoring the tub to the earth.

east meets west (25 May 2012)

east meets west (25 May 2012)

It will all have to go – leaf and twig and branch and rotting timber tub – gradually and gradually.

Waiting in the wings: a dozen lavender dentata seedlings. On the shopping list: two or three low-growing white rose bushes … and a couple of terracotta tubs.

Later in the day, I went out looking at curtains and furniture. I’ve secured (at an extremely good price) a couple of compact armchairs in black leather, and have my eye on a folding tray-table – also black. These items will harmonise nicely with my eclectic, East-meets-West décor.


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