Spring haibun

spring blossoms (11 Oct 2012)

spring blossoms (11 Oct 2012)



I might have used the supermarket as an excuse, I suppose. But I was willing to take the bus to Kilbirnie for no reason at all. And it’s free with my yellow card. And the Plaza is probably the quietest place to be at this hour, with the shops all closed – apart from the pizza café (and it’s Monday).

End of day, soft light,
soft blossoms blow, whilst tight buds
await their morrow.


Donna Fleischer posted another haibun recently. And the penny dropped. Haibun is what – from time to time – I’ve done without knowing. 

A haibun (according to Wikipedia) may record a scene, or a special moment, in a highly descriptive and objective manner or may occupy a wholly fictional or dream-like space. The accompanying haiku may have a direct or subtle relationship with the prose and encompass or hint at the gist of what is recorded in the prose sections.


2 thoughts on “Spring haibun

  1. Thanks for regarding the haibun, a form I deeply admire, and for mention of me. It sounds as if the haibun has opened a whole new way to expression for you, as it did for me. I wrote a short essay on it which you may find at the following link ~


    I very much like your haibun posted here. May you write many many more.~ Donna

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