Happiness is …

William Keepers Maxwell, Jr

William Keepers Maxwell, Jr


Happiness is the light shining on the water. The water is cold and dark and deep … (William Keepers Maxwell, Jr, in Over by the River and Other Stories (1977)).

Several days ago, I’d intended to post these words; I was going to write about the novel to which it was a foreword/pre-text … but I still cannot find which book I’d copied it out of.

So, until I somehow succeed in retracing my steps, the quote will have to stand alone …


By the way, a review by Jennifer on Goodreads says “Over the River is a must-read. Much of the story takes place at night, which is fascinating, what happens in public spaces and domestic spheres while most of the world is sleeping. Maxwell seems to have no restrictions, no strict rules, about point of view, and this narrative freedom is refreshing and worth examining.”

Maxwell died on 31 July 2000, at the age of 91 (read obituary).

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