Looking forward to crab-apple jelly

crab-apples (02 June 2013)

crab-apples (02 June 2013)




Crab-apples are even less likely than quinces to be available in retail stores.  A long-time lover of crab-apple jelly, I was delighted when a dear friend took the trouble to pick a lovely lot of them for me before she headed back to her consultancy project in Ankara, Turkey.

In my experience, the task of making crab-apple jelly is inclined to be a messy one, but it’s one I enjoy. The approach I take is similar to Mary Wynne’s recipe (on allrecipes.com). And, as the web site says, “No commercial pectin is required as crab-apples have high natural pectin content.”

Mary Wynn suggests adding a cinnamon stick when cooking the fruit.

Jonny Schwass, a chef who broadcasts on Radio New Zealand National, adds a few peppercorns to each jar when he wants to serve the jelly with duck.

The bowl of fruit was very photogenic, and I spent a few minutes taking pictures. I’m really looking forward to making – and eating – the delicious rose-gold jelly. Naturally, my friend will be back to collect a jar … but not until December.

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