Happy birthday, Reynaldo Hahn

Reynaldo Hahn (YouTube image)

Reynaldo Hahn (YouTube image)

Reynaldo Hahn (9 August 1874 – 28 January 1947) was a Venezuelan, naturalised French, composer, conductor, music critic, diarist, theatre director, and salon singer. Best known as a composer of songs, he wrote in the French classical tradition of the mélodie. The fine craftsmanship, remarkable beauty, and originality of his works capture the insouciance of la belle époque. (adapted from Wikipedia article)

Wikipedia identifies the YouTube image (above) as “Reynaldo Hahn, painting by Lucie Lambert, 1907”. It links to “Si mes vers avaient des ailes” by Reynaldo Hahn, sung by Susan Graham.

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4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Reynaldo Hahn

  1. Your hotmail address no longer works — wanted to send wishes and hopes that you are okay in the latest earthquake, so resort to doing it this way. Hope electricity and computers are working and all is as well as can be —

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts … all is well with us in Wellington. Seddon, the small town close to the quakes, has not fared so well. Families have been evacuated, and a number of homes declared uninhabitable.

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