Spring sunshine

anemones (11 September 2014)

anemones (11 September 2014)




There are anemones on my dining table, and vivid orange parrot tulips on the side table – testimony to my inability to choose between them when doing my shopping at Moore Wilson’s Fresh in Wellington on Tuesday. The lovely little green jug was made by Ross Mitchell-Anyon of Whanganui. Beside it, there’s a magnificent hand-built jug by Christine Thacker from a show at Avid a few years back (2007, perhaps).


2 thoughts on “Spring sunshine

  1. You show the two jugs, and you show the anemones. All three of which are very nice.
    But what I really love — “vivid orange parrot tulips” — remains a tantalizing promise, not a reality.

    • Oh dear, sorry about that. I did intend to photograph the “vivid orange parrot tulips” … but somehow it just didn’t happen (they’ve now shrivelled and have been discarded). So I’ll need to get some more – if possible.

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