Re: numbering

space numbers (03 October 2014)

space numbers (03 October 2014)

Have I photographed these numbers before? If so, it was years ago.

As far as I am able to deduce, these time-worn stencilled numerals signify one of the spaces in a church parking area – a space which had been numbered 19c but was subsequently renumbered 20. My penchant for deconstruction renders the image endlessly fascinating.

According to the Popular Mechanics website, The 13 Most Important Numbers in the Universe include the universal gravitational constant, the speed of light, the ideal gas constant, absolute zero, etc.


2 thoughts on “Re: numbering

    • As a teenager, I had difficulty with mathematics, and could not understand my teacher’s explanations. But later I discovered there were other ways of expressing mathematical concepts – language-based systems – and everything suddenly made sense.

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