Choisya ternata in flower

Choisya in flower (28 October 2014)

Choisya in flower (28 October 2014)

For more than a decade, I lived on the seventh floor of a city apartment building, so was delighted when (about two and a half years ago) I was able to move to a ground floor dwelling with its own courtyard and front garden. This Choisya ternata – in the garden to the right of the front entrance – is flowering beautifully, despite the rough treatment it received a few months ago, when roofers erected scaffolding. “Both the flowers and the leaves are fragrant and both have a delicate orange scent. When its not flowering the bush looks great with its lush glossy green leaves.” (Jocees Farm)

2 thoughts on “Choisya ternata in flower

  1. You have the most interesting flowers there in New Zealand! I looked at the photo, and began reading the post, hoping that they would also smell wonderful — and it seems that they do. Next step, find a way to make it possible for a blog to deliver sensory perceptions!

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