new gate (09 May 2015)

new gate (09 May 2015)



The tradesman building
my gate has a magic smile:
I’m still drunk on it.

(08 May 2015)


There’s scaffolding all around where I live, the painters have sprayed the windows with grease, and the gardens are a wreck. But I have a new gate …


2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. You have my sympathies. I live in a building area, too, where the old houses vanish for the sake of new houses. In your photo, I particularly like the angles…

    • As posted on my Facebook page, Tuesday 19 May 2015:
      “The painters have restored my clear view … So clean and clear is the courtyard door, I felt the urge to check it hadn’t lost a pane of glass. The grease has been stripped from the windows, and the men have scraped away their sloppy brushwork. It looks like they’re close to finishing the main exterior areas, leaving only a few spots on the cinder-block walls still to give a final coat.
      There’s a new colour scheme: the main surfaces are a pale muddy cream (more taupe than beige); the panels beneath the bay windows are a harmonizing grey, with white joinery, and fire-engine red doors.
      I’ll be glad when the scaffolding comes down and I can begin trimming back the damaged shrubs and trees.
      The plastic letterboxes (installed a couple of months ago) don’t match too well – they must have been chosen by a different committee to go with the old green-and-white colour scheme.
      It was ever thus.”

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