City Life

city life (29 June 2016)

city life (29 June 2016)

City Life is an apartment hotel
on Wellington’s Lambton Quay.
The yellow-leafed tree is
a ginkgo biloba.
I know nothing at all about
the white splotches on the wall.


Kaizen – a change for the better





The Japanese term “kaizen” translates loosely as improvement or change for the better, according to the web-site of Leclair Ryan, an American firm of legal advisors. In Porirua, however, Kaizen is the café at Pataka Art + Museum.

After visiting my father at Kemp Home, Titahi Bay (21 May 2015), I met my sister for lunch at the Kaizen. The beautiful Japanese garden adjoining the café added to our experience as we ate the best spanakopita we’ve tasted in a long time … and the coffee was great!

Incidentally, kai refers to food in the Māori language, and a pataka is a place to store treasures.

Pataka houses a fine collection of sculptures, including one of Michel Tuffery’s tin-can bulls (image below).

Outside the entrance, and elsewhere in the vicinity, heaps of white sandbags – needed after mass rainfall on 14 May resulted in extensive flooding in the area. (My camera could not resist.)



stars and sun (31 March 2015)

stars and sun (31 March 2015)

Adorning the window of my little dining room, a garland of glass stars by a Waitakere artist, Jenny McLeod, is a source of unending delight. A few days ago, the light of the morning sun struck the stars at just such an angle as to make them brilliant, but not too bright for the camera to catch them.

Just for fun, here’s a quote (a fairytale gift, in fact) I cannot resist: “Hans and Christian just stare at me, faces grim. All I can think of is how awesome it would be if my name were Andersen.”
(Cyn Balog, in the young adult ‘paranormal’ novel, Starstruck)


Rusty skip

On the grass verge between the bus-stop and the Eastbourne address where I was planning to spend the day, a rusty skip was waiting. Quite empty, it had been delivered earlier that morning – or so I surmised.

The colours of the original shots have been adjusted to optimise the abstract effects.

Victoria’s chimneys

Victoria's chimneys (28 November 2014)

Victoria’s chimneys (28 November 2014)

My sister and I had taken a trip to the university, where she had been doing film studies: she needed to pick up an essay that had been marked.

As we walked and talked back along Fairlie Terrace, my camera begged to be let out of the bag.

And then I forgot that I’d taken those pictures. Here’s the one I like best.